How to not get scam by brands as a blogger

There will be times when you work as a content creator and a brand will tell you that you will make about $1,000 in commission, but that you will only have to pay for shipping and also pay for clothing at discount prices. Here is the thing, as a brand with a low customer base is easy to try to take advantage of you when you are working and learning so here’s some tips I learned after I became a creator myself.

Red flags to look for as a creator:

In order to achieve influencer status, you need to decide whether you are expecting a free item or a paid sponsorship, as the brand generally pays for shipping and handling. As far as paid collaborations are concerned, you should be paid for the package that you discuss before accepting the offer and the minimum rate that you discuss before accepting the offer.As you aim to become an influencer, consider whether you are expecting a free item or a paid sponsorship you must know the brand usually cover for shipping and the package. if you are working in a paid collaboration they should still be paying you for the package and the mimum rate you discuss before accepting the offer.When you check the brand and see they don’t have many creators, be wary since that will be considered a red flag. When you have identified your purpose as an influencer, you may apply for paid sponsorship through apps, by pitching a brand through Instagram, and contact a brand by email.Upon discovering your purpose as an influencer, you can apply for paid sponsorship through apps, pitch a brand through Instagram and reach a brand through email. A another big red flag is when they comment below your pictures, especially if they message you through DM but not all messages you will receive in your Instagram will be a scam you just make sure to do your own research the company to see if it looks like a good match. 

Fake email:

Majority of the time I have seen a brand reach out with a Gmail account instead of a brand official account and this is a clear sign that the brand is not legitimate. Also, remember it is critical to be aware that all businesses have a real email address so make sure that you are aware of it before deciding to move forward with the brand. After you finish doing your research make sure that the brand aligns with your brand and read the email carefully. You have to be caautious as an influencer as many brands are looking scammed influencers . You should always take precautions because you may lose money rather than receive money from a brand

Bonus: How to know if the brand is right for you:

After researching the brand, you must prepare examples of your campaign or plan the content you plan to provide for the brand. This content should align with your niche and the vision that you will provide to share this amazing product with your followers. As a final step, you should follow brand instructions regarding hashtags and captions. Please follow up after the campaign to see how the brand performed.

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