3 question to ask yourself before taking your first solo trip

I want to ask by saying happy new year as I am writing this in the new year end I know I haven’t been writing blogs but English is my second language so I always need to make sure someone double check my blog before upload it.

Before you decide to go on this adventure of a lifetime, you have to be physically ready to travel on your own. Most people are afraid of solo travel and about 80% percent of people prefer traveling with loved ones. However, some are not able to experience traveling with their family or friends. Traveling alone can seem nerve wracking, but it is not as scary as people may think it is. I’ve learned to always trust my gut when I feel like I’m in an uncomfortable situation. When planning a solo trip as a woman, here are important questions to analyze:

  1. Can you handle getting lost in a foreign country?

Some could say traveling alone has a healing power. It allows you to not only build your confidence but gives you absolute freedom as well. You can complete your bucket list and follow your own journey without having to accommodate someone else’s. One question I asked myself before traveling alone was whether or not I’d be able to find my way after getting lost without anyone’s help. This question is important because some people are not able to handle getting stranded in another country. You need to be prepared with a back up plan to find your way. 

2.Are you socially ready to be able to come out of your comfort zone?’

Traveling alone can also come with loneliness and I want to be as realistic as possible because you may not feel like you have anyone to share your memories with. However it’s important to remember that you will meet people along the way and you will never feel like you are alone unless you choose to be alone.

Meeting new people might require you to come out of your comfort zone socially. In order for you to come out of your comfort zone you need to practice meeting new people in your hometown and making conversation with strangers. I know that can be a challenge for some people but part of traveling is living life to the fullest by meeting kind people who are willing to show you around their country. Last year I decided to stay in a hostel so I could make friends all over the world and nearly everyone there was extremely kind and asked if I wanted to explore the city together.

3.Learn basic skills such as how to read people and follow your intuition. Are you able to walk away from a situation where you don’t feel comfortable?

Feeling comfortable as a solo traveler is something that goes a long way. It is important that when you are faced with an uncomfortable situation, you feel brave enough to walk away. You need to follow your intuition because what you feel in your heart is never wrong. I had this feeling once when I went to Italy alone. I went to a bar and 3 guys came to talk to me, one of them was drunk and kept touching my hair and I told him to stop but he didn’t listen. I decided then and there to walk away from the situation and left the bar early. I feel like this decision definitely kept me safe.

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