Four things every girl need on their bag as a solo traveler

  1. Medication

Anywhere in the world, the food, culture, and way of living is different from where you are now, so you can get sick from drinking water or even eating food from another country. If you are allergic to something, bring medication you use at home. I recommend bringing something for stomach pain, a fever-reducer such as Advil and painkillers.

2.Pepper spray:

Pepper spray will allow you to defend yourself in case there is a dangerous situation. As a woman you need to be more cautious especially when going out alone at night. In general it’s always good to make sure you are extra prepared as you never know what can happen in the moment.

3. Headphones

Tavel alone and with friends.Every girls traveled they forget the most important valuable things to bring during their trip so here is a list of things I find helpful to bring during your trip.

4. Travel toiletry bag-smart kit

Travel sized makeup, toiletries, supplements and medication make it super easy to stay organized.I suggest getting a smaller bag for your skincare routine as well.This essential will make you become more organized while traveling.

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  1. As a short story writer, reading this blog post really hit home for me. I’ve been on countless trips and can attest to the importance of bringing necessary medication and protective items like pepper spray. But the reminder to bring headphones and a travel toiletry bag really struck a chord with me. It’s the little things that can make such a big difference in a trip, and it’s easy to forget them in the hustle and bustle of packing. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips, they will definitely be coming with me on my next adventure.


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